Conference: Premodern Forms of Cultural Appropriation?

11–13 September 2023, Johannisstraße 4 , Room: J101, 48143 Münster

In cooperation with the Department of History and the Institute for Jewish Studies: Developed within the post-colonial debate, the concept of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ has scarcely been applied to pre-colonialist times. The conference looks at instances of potential cultural appropriations in the premodern world, branching from antiquity, over medieval and early modern times in a wide range of transregional and interdisciplinary papers. Here, the conference also discusses the applicability of the concept to those contexts.

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About Maria Stürzebecher

I am the curator of the Museum Old Synagogue in Erfurt and scientific coordinator for the UNESCO World Heritage application Jewish-Medieval Heritage in Erfurt. Since 2012, I am editing the series "Erfurter Schriften zur Jüdischen Geschichte"; in 2020, the 6th volume "Ritual Objects in Ritual Contexts." was published. I studied History of Arts, Archaeology, Sociology and History and wrote my PhD thesis about the medieval Erfurt Treasure, which was published in 2009 entitled „Der Schatzfund aus der Erfurter Michaelisstrasse – Mittelalterliche Goldschmiedearbeiten als Zeugnisse jüdischen Lebens in Erfurt“.