Full-Time Research Associate Position in Hebrew Literature (5 years)

The Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies at the University of Padua, Italy, is seeking a postdoctoral research associate (Hebrew Literature) to work on the ERC funded project “SIQILLIYA: Debunking Eurocentric Literary History” led by Professor Nicola Carpentieri. The project aims to address the complexities of medieval Sicilian literature by studying the totality of the court poetry produced in Sicily in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Italian between the 10th and the 13th cc. The project thus promises to shed light on what amounts to a black hole in literary history: it will document over four centuries of cultural interactions, and allow us to fully assess the role of Sicily’s many cultures in the rise of the Italian lyric.

The postholder will conduct individual and collaborative research in Medieval Hebrew poetry, focussing on Sicily. She or he will produce a new edition of the relevant portion of Sicilian medieval poetry (Hebrew, Latin, Greek or Italian) and take care of the inspection, acquisition, collation and edition of all relevant manuscript and printed materials needed. She or he will will contribute to the project’s main goal to produce an alternative narrative to “Le Origini” (the origins of Italian literature), one that will take into account the many poetic traditions of medieval Sicily.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience:


  • PhD in Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Italian Studies (depending on application), chronologically focused on the medieval period
  • Expertise in two or more of these languages: medieval Arabic, Greek, Latin, Italian, Hebrew
  • Expertise in manuscript acquisition, collation, editing
  • A portfolio of relevant, peer-reviewed publications in print or forthcoming
  • Proficiency in English


  • Prior participation in a collaborative research project
  • Proficiency in Italian
  • Experience travelling to specialist archives and research libraries
  • An existing network with other scholars who might provide advice or participate in organised events
  • Experience in the organisation of conferences, seminars, and/or workshops
  • Skills in palaeography, papyrology, and/or codicology

Interview date: 26 June 2023

Starting date of the contract: 1 October 2023

Ending Date of the contract: 1 September 2028

Gross Salary: 40.000 EUR per annum

Application deadline: 20th June 2023 Midnight (Italian time)

For further information, contact Prof. Nicola Carpentieri at: nicola.carpentieri@unipd.it

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About Andreas Lehnertz

As a Juniorprofessor of Medieval History specializing in Jewish History at Trier University, I delve into the intricate tapestry of social, cultural, and religious European history. My academic pursuits are centered around the nuanced dynamics of daily Christian-Jewish relations, the exploration of marginal Hebrew and Yiddish charter notes, the study of Jewish as well as general sealing practices, and the profound examination of Jewish craftspeople. I wrote a book about "Jewish Seals in the Medieval German Empire: The Authentication and Self-Representation of Jewish Men and Women" (in German). My expertise has been further honed through my roles as a postdoctoral fellow in the ERC project "Beyond the Elite – Jewish Daily Life in Medieval Europe" at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and as a member of the Martin Buber Society in the Humanities and Social Sciences, also at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently, I am writing book that delves into the intriguing world of "Jewish Craftspeople in Medieval Ashkenaz." Through my research and publications, I aim to contribute meaningfully to the academic discourse surrounding medieval history, providing valuable insights into the rich tapestry of European history during this pivotal period.