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Algerian Jewry Through the Ages, 26 September 2024

The Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities in the East wishes to hold an academic conference on Algerian Jewry through the ages. The conference will be dedicated to new research on this unique community, and to presenting a broad picture of its rich history and culture, of the deep changes the community has undergone in recent generations, and of its present. The conference will include a special session dedicated to the thought and activity of the late Rabbi Samuel René Sirat (1930-2023), on the second anniversary of his death.

The Girona International Research Workshop Kabbalah of Catalonia

May 6 – 8, 2024, Girona

The Instituto de Estudios Judíos Barcelona (EJB), in collaboration with the Universitat de Girona, Institut d’Estudis Nahmànides, and Paideia – European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, is pleased to invite you to Girona International Research Workshop on the Kabbalah of Catalonia, scheduled to take place from May 6 to May 8, 2024.

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Corcoran Chair Conference “RANKING RELIGIONS: Taxonomic Comparison in Medieval Christian, Jewish, and Islamic Thought” (Hybrid), 7–8 April 2024, Boston College

Within the polemical inter-religious context of the Middle Ages, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim thinkers developed systematic and sophisticated ways of comparing their own faiths with those of others, including non-monotheists. Although each thinker maintained that his own community’s system of belief and practice was superior to those of other groups, they nonetheless engaged in a kind of comparative practice that prefigured or arguably lay foundations for the modern study of Comparative Religion. One element of this comparative practice was the production of taxonomies of religions and systems of ranking them, sometimes using the discourse of “proximity” and “distance” to conceptualize their interrelation. In this conference, we will study how Muslim, Jewish, and Christian thinkers produced taxonomies and rankings of other religious communities focusing on the underlying reasons for producing the taxonomies adopted and the shifting grounds of comparison itself (doctrine, ritual, revelatory status, prophetology, etc.).

Conference “Abseits großer Gemeinden – Kleine jüdische Siedlungen im Mittelalter / Beyond Large Communities – Small Jewish Settlements in the Middle Ages”, 4-6 April, University of Klagenfurt and online, German and English

The Institute for History of the University of Klagenfurt and the Institute for Jewish History in Austria hold a conference on Small Jewish Communties in the Middle Ages which will explore the living conditions of Jewish men and women who dwelled outside of organized communities.

No registration necessary – just download the programme below and join us online at (or come to Klagenfurt)!

12th Annual ucLADINO Judeo-Spanish Conference, 18 April 2024, in Zoom

In its twelfth consecutive year, the ucLADINO conference continues to advocate for the preservation of Ladino language and culture in the Judeo-Spanish diaspora. The theme for this year’s ucLADINO conference, “Encounters with Judeo-Spanish Culture in the MENA and Beyond,” seeks to highlight the ways in which Judeo-Spanish speakers (including but not limited to Haketia and Ladino) came into contact with neighboring languages and cultures throughout its dynamic history. We conceptualize Judeo-Spanish encounters as moments of discovery, dialogue, and/or interaction.

Online Conference: The History of the Jews of Serbia, 22 Januar 2024

This conference aims to bring to the attention of the broader academic public the complex  history, visual and literary culture of the Jews in Serbia in the context of the historical, religious and cultural circumstances of South East Europe and the Balkans, from antiquity to the present. Particular attention will focus on Sephardic Jews, their presence in Serbia, at that time as part of the Ottoman Empire, since the XVI century and their highly significant contribution and at one point in the XIX and XX centuries, practically full integration in Serbian society following the reestablishment of the independent Serbian state in the wake of the two revolutions against Ottoman rule.

Canadian Society for Jewish Studies, May 28–May 30, 2024

The Canadian Society for Jewish Studies (CSJS / SCÉJ), founded in 2004, is an academic society for the study of Jewish cultures, practices, and thought in any part of the world and any time period, from any disciplinary perspective. Participants and members from anywhere in the world are welcome. Paper proposals in all areas of Jewish Studies are invited for our annual conference. Approaches may be grounded in ethnography, history, textual study, hermeneutics, literary analysis, art history, critical theory, or any other scholarly discipline. Papers may not have been published or presented elsewhere.   

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