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Finding from the Jewish cemetery of Châteauroux

by Karin Sczech

Philippe Blanchard, a colleague who works on medieval Jewish cemeteries in France, contacted me with a question of identification. From a grave in the cemetery of Châteauroux comes a pendant, which can be seen here how it was found.

Unfortunately, it is an iron object that has not yet been restored.

The X-ray image suggests an eyelet at the upper, wider end. The drawing was made after the X-ray.

Perhaps someone has an idea?

Unclear Stone Inscription from Erfurt-Is it Yiddish?

by Maria Stürzebecher


Due to extreme heat, probably due to a fire during the pogrom on 21.3.1349 in Erfurt, this inscription on a sandstone was severely damaged and is therefore difficult to read. First suggestions for the reading point to a Yiddish inscription like קלטיר קלר (Kalter Keller = cold cellar or Kelter Keller = wine press cellar).

Have another suggestion? See below for more photos and write it in the comments!

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