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Three-part Zoom lecture series on Karaism by Daniel J. Lasker Thursdays at 17:30 Israel time, June 9 – 23.

June 9: The emergence of Karaism, the Karaite Golden Age in the Land of Israel; a history of Karaite spiritual centers; Karaites in the Holocaust; Israeli Karaism.

June 16: Karaite practice and belief; how exactly does Karaism differ from Rabbinic Judaism; what practices are common to the two forms of Judaism; Karaite beliefs and doctrines.

June 23: Karaite intellectual accomplishments; theology; biblical commentaries; linguistics and literature; historiography and polemics; the future of Karaism.

Fifth International Spring School in Jewish Studies “Home, Belonging and Exile – Sepharad and Beyond,” May 27 to June 3, 2022

This Spring School will take place both in Madrid and Toledo. The School has been organized jointly by the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam; The Open University of Israel; King’s College London; Jewish Cultures across Mediterranean Europe (J-Med) CSIC-UCM; and the Sephardic Museum (Toledo). According to the organizers, “the School is intended for graduate students in Jewish Studies, with participants from the Netherlands, Israel, Spain and United Kingdom. The academic sessions and field trips will deal with the concepts of home, belonging and exile through Jewish history, with a special focus on Sepharad and the Mediterranean Diaspora.”