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Exhibition and Catalogue The Lost Mirror. Jews and Conversos in Medieval Spain

Every image we create is a mirror that reflects a way of seeing. We look at the world and at others in relation to ourselves, through our own mentality and attitude. Using a broad selection of works, this exhibition recreates a medieval mirror that shows how Jews and conversos (converts to Christianity) were portrayed by Christians in Spain from 1285 to 1492.

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Collector’s Tour of “The Golden Path: Maimonides Across Eight Centuries – Featuring Highlights from the Hartman Family Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books”

Monday, August 21, 2023, 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Join Collector Robert Hartman for a guided tour of “The Golden Path: Maimonides Across Eight Centuries,” illuminating the life and impact of the multifaceted luminary and great Jewish sage across continents and cultures through rare manuscripts and books. Exhibition highlights include manuscripts in Maimonides’s own handwriting, a carved 11th century door to the Torah ark from Cairo’s Ben Ezra Synagogue, and beautifully illuminated medieval manuscripts.
Free admission but reservations are required. For reservations, please email Limited space.

New Exhibition on recent Yiddish Finds: Vom “Kalten Keller” und falschen Versprechungen – Neue jiddische Funde aus dem Mittelalter

Erfurt, Small Synagogue, 03 August 2023 – 13 October 2023

In recent years, a number of medieval objects with Yiddish texts or inscriptions have been newly discovered and examined. These include two finds from Thuringia: A Yiddish private letter of the 15thcentury from Mühlhausen and the only known medieval Yiddish building inscription from Erfurt so far. And some of the slate tablets from the former Jewish quarter in Cologne also show Yiddish inscriptions. These new medieval finds on Jewish everyday history are shown together here for the first time and placed in the history of the Yiddish language as well as its everyday writing.

Exhibition “The Golden Path: Maimonides Across Eight Centuries”

The exhibition The Golden Path: Maimonides Across Eight Centuries, on view May 9 — December 31, 2023 at the Yeshiva University Museum (YUM) in the Center for Jewish History, tracks Maimonides and his thought through a study of materiality. It focuses on manuscripts and rare printed books, as well as visual depictions in prints and paintings, from collections around the world, exploring specific items within their varied historical, cultural, and Maimonidean contexts. The exhibition is organized by guest curator David Sclar and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue co-published by Liverpool University Press.  It explores Maimonides’ authority and impact as well as the Mediterranean and Islamic contexts in which he lived. 

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Exhibition: The Golden Path. Maimonides across eight Centuries

May 9, 2023 – December 31, 2023, Popper Gallery, Yeshiva University Museum New York

Photo: Guide of the Perplexed, Barcelona, 1347/48, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen

This exhibition, which includes a Mishneh Torah personally signed by Maimonides, features rare pieces on loan from the Bodleian Library in Oxford, the British Library, the Royal Danish Library, the Mantua State Archive of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the National Library of Israel. Also featured are selections from one of the world’s premier private collections, the Hartman Family Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books. These objects will bring into sharp focus the legacy and profound influence of Maimonides’s writings and thought.

Pop-up-Event: Mapping Memories – Judengasse Extended

13.04.23-30.04.23, Frankfurt / Main (Germany)

Since the late Middle Ages, Frankfurt’s Judengasse was part of the cityscape for more than 300 years. In the 18th century, more than 3,000 people lived in the area that is now located between Konstablerwache and Börneplatz. Today, Frankfurt’s Judengasse has largely disappeared from the cityscape. Only the cellar ruins of five houses in the Judengasse Museum bear witness to its former existence.

The festival “Mapping Memories” focuses on the forcibly displaced traces of the Judengasse from the public space. At its centre are a pop-up exhibition with archaeological finds and an artistic intervention in the present-day shape of the historical site. “Mapping Memories” makes material and immaterial traces of memory visible and tangible on site. The festival includes performances, installations, a digital reconstruction of Judengasse and various explorations of Jewish history on site – with talks, workshops, the development of open educational resources, guided tours and a new play on the outdoor space around Museum Judengasse.