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New book: Composition Analysis of Writing Materials in Cairo Genizah Documents by Zina Cohen

Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, vol. 15 / Études sur le judaïsme médiéval, vol. 91

Through the application of scientific methods of analysis to a corpus of medieval manuscripts found in the Cairo Genizah, this work aims to gain a better understanding of the writing materials used by Jewish communities at that time, shedding new light not only on the production of manuscripts in the Middle Ages, but also on the life of those Jewish communities.

New book – The Fruit of Her Hands: Jewish and Christian Women’s Work in Medieval Catalan Cities, by Sarah Ifft Decker

The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2022

In the thriving urban economies of late thirteenth-century Catalonia, Jewish and Christian women labored to support their families and their communities. The Fruit of Her Hands examines how gender, socioeconomic status, and religious identity shaped how these women lived and worked.

New Book- Sepher Yosippon: A Tenth-Century History of Ancient Israel (Wayne State University Press, 2022)

Introduced and Translated by Steven B. Bowman

Sepher Yosippon was written in Hebrew by a medieval historian noted by modern scholars for its eloquent style. This is the first known chronicle of Jewish history and legend from Adam to the destruction of the Second Temple. It has been cited and referred to by scholars, poets, and authors as the authentic source for ancient Israel for over a millennium, until overshadowed by the twentieth-century Hebrew translations of Josephus.

This book contains Bowman’s translation of the complete text of David Flusser’s standard Hebrew edition of Sepher Yosippon, which includes the later medieval interpolations referring to Jesus. The present English edition also contains the translator’s introduction as well as a preface by the fifteenth-century publisher of the book.