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Opinion: “An unparalleled tragedy”: New development in the Korneuburg synagogue case?

by Simon Paulus, University of Stuttgart


Synagogue Korneuburg

The Austrian daily “Der Standard” recently published an article by Sebastian Fellner reporting on the latest developments in a conflict over the rescue of the preserved ruins of the medieval synagogue in Korneuburg. As the city continues its efforts to buy the historic building from the private owner, who installed a garage entrance in it for his car in 2007, the case vividly shows how public interest, monument protection and the ideas of the private owner can be diametrically opposed, leading to years of stalemate.

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Comprehending Antisemitism through the Ages: A Historical Perspective (Volume 3 of the series An End to Antisemitism) has been released.

The volume, edited by Armin Lange, Kerstin Mayerhofer, Dina Porat, and Lawrence H. Schiffman traces the history of antisemitism, documenting the religious, sociological, political and economic contexts in which antisemitism thrived and thrives.

The medieval section contains chapters by Robert Chazan, Kerstin Mayerhofer, Sara Offenberg, and Birgit Wiedl.

The chapters can be downloaded individually (or get the whole book, or the entire series)!

Webinar on eScriptorium: Hebrew Handwritten Text Recognition

eScriptorium is an automatic transcription tool for Handwritten Text Recognition.

The results of the transcription tool are quite impressive. In the webinar by Peter Stokes, the use of eScriptorium is demonstrated using the example of a complex medieval Hebrew manuscript. Questions were answered by Peter Stokes and his colleagues Daniel Stoekl ben Ezra and lead developer Robin Tissot.

The webinar was hosted by Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz.