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Researcher of the Week

Emilie Amar-Zifkin

PhD Candidate

Yale University, Department of Religious Studies (Judaic Studies)

Primary Advisor: Ivan Marcus

“My PhD project, ‘Observing the Observers: Procession and Public Religion in Medieval Ashkenaz,’ brings together spatial, sensory, and performance studies in its examination of Jewish-Christian interaction in public spaces. The analysis considers questions of sensory perception and identity, while remaining sensitive to how medieval Jewish-Christian conflict and coexistence have been variously exaggerated, overlooked, or misrepresented. Drawing on my background in technical theatre, I conceptualize medieval towns and their Jewish quarters as stages: constructed spaces with their own visual, gestural, and social languages. These are the stages upon which the drama of Jewish-Christian interaction unfolded – the roles of audience, actor, and hands behind the scenes ever-changing, watching the performed identities of the inevitable Others in their midst.

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Researcher of the Week

Amir Mazor, PhD

The Department of Israel Studies

The University of Haifa


“I am a historian of the medieval Middle East and the Jewish people under Islam. My postdoctoral project deals with how medieval Muslims perceived the image and the writings of Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon, 1138-1204). There are numerous studies on Maimonides’ attitude to Islam and the influence of Muslim philosophers and theological movements on his thought. However, there is no comprehensive study that discusses Muslim views of and attitudes towards Maimonides.

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