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Call for Papers: Leeds IMC 2024: The Experience of Local Officialdom in Europe and the Mediterranean, c.1000- 1500: Between Order and Disorder

Local officeholders and petty officials were integral components of medieval political life across Europe and the Mediterranean, central to the configuration and experience of power but whose presence and absence could also signify crisis and confusion. Modern scholarship and medieval sources alike have acknowledged that local officers could just as easily be sources of disorder as order, generators of crisis as well as crisis managers. This strand builds on such insights to consider local officers in relation to order and disorder within their immediate local and broader sociopolitical contexts. Our approach is broad, encompassing a variety of officers—civic, royal, ecclesiastical, seigneurial, etc.—as well as challenges to the notion of ‘officialdom’. It proposes a social and experiential history which highlights the roles, profiles, and possibilities of a range of officers in their individual as well as institutional and social contexts, by considering how they supported or challenged models of political and social order prevalent in their communities or promulgated by their superiors.

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AJS Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Dissertation Completion Fellowships encourage the timely completion of doctorates by the most promising graduate students in the field of Jewish Studies. Only students who are in the final stages of writing their dissertations and who display clear evidence of their ability to defend their dissertations by the end of the fellowship year are eligible to apply for this program.

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Conference: Premodern Forms of Cultural Appropriation?

11–13 September 2023, Johannisstraße 4 , Room: J101, 48143 Münster

In cooperation with the Department of History and the Institute for Jewish Studies: Developed within the post-colonial debate, the concept of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ has scarcely been applied to pre-colonialist times. The conference looks at instances of potential cultural appropriations in the premodern world, branching from antiquity, over medieval and early modern times in a wide range of transregional and interdisciplinary papers. Here, the conference also discusses the applicability of the concept to those contexts.

Positions at Harvard Divinity School

HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL announces five full-time positions as Research Associate and Visiting Faculty for 2024-25 in its Women’s Studies in Religion Program.  Proposals for book-length research projects utilizing both religion and gender as central categories of analysis and focusing on any religion are welcomed.  Salary for 2024-25 will be $65,000.  Completed applications are due online by October 15, 2023.  Applicants must have received their PhD by October 1, 2023.Please see our website ( more information.

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